God wants to introduce you and this generation of disciples and believers to the beloved Holy Spirit. The call for this end-time period is for the body of Christ to come to acknowledge and recognize The Holy Spirit and rise to a more profound place in His supernatural power.

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Richard “LionHeart” Simmons has been serving the Lord since 2008. He is passionate about the restoration of the fatherless, wounded and broken in this generation; and a experiential prophetic relationship with the Lord. Richard “LionHeart” Simmons is referred to by many as a spiritual father to the fatherless

Readers say

This book is amazing!!! The reason why it’s so amazing is because the writer, challenges you to let go and let God!! How to let go and let God is by surrender! This is definitely not a book to speed through but a book that you grow through and allow God to minister and speak to you! By the end of this book, you will have a clearer understanding of what it means to let go and let God!! Enjoy!!

Brian S.

I highly recommended this book. Like AW Tozer, Apostle Richard walked you through a written journey of encouragement and guidance to sincerely seek after God. He asks what is faith, what do we really believe and then he offers scripture to held us understand what our foundation of belief is truly built upon. I am grateful for this work and his writing.

Regina A.